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  • Protect your property and your guests
  • Primary medical no-fault insurance
  • Automatically attached to every reservation
  • Quick setup and easy claims processing
  • No long term contracts, cancel any time
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Hotel Insurance

InsuraGuest provides hotel customers with insurance products that are pre-integrated into your PMS and specifically designed for hotel owners, and property management companies. If you own or manage a hotel property, you already know you need insurance. But what type of insurance should you get?

You need hotel insurance that protects you, your property, your business and your guests from unforeseen circumstances, accidental events, property damage, medical costs, and even potential litigation. You need insurance that meets the specific demands and unique circumstances of your hotel property and business.

InsuraGuest offers hotel protection that is pre-integrated with your favorite Property Management System. Our proprietary InsurTech platform is seamlessly and automatically integrated with over 82 different PMS systems, so you get fast easy and efficient coverage only when you need it at the click of a button.

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No-fault Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance for your Guests

Accidents happen. When they do, InsuraGuest covers up to $25,000 in primary medical coverage no matter who's fault it is, on the premise of the property. 

Our coverage pays your guests' medical bills in a quick, efficient and professional manner. Don't let medical costs raise your general liability insurance premiums, we'll pay medical costs first and get it handled quickly.

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Property Damage Insurance

Property Insurance for your Vacation Rental

InsuraGuest provides up to $25,000 in coverage for your property and its contents when guests stay in your hotel. If guests accidentally damage your property, items on premise, or things contained in the property, InsuraGuest covers repairs or replacement so you don't have to submit claims to your general liability or property policy.

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Theft Coverage

Hotel Theft Coverage

No one likes to think the unthinkable, but it's a reality of the world we live in. Theft happens. When guest items are stolen at your hotel property during a stay, InsuraGuest covers up to $2,500 per incident. Why worry about ruined vacation plans from stolen items when InsuraGuest will come to the rescue? Our no-hassle processing support is quick and easy.

We are your guests' first line of defense!

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InsuraGuest is the premier insurance provider for vacation rental properties. Our proprietary insurtech platform is already integrated with top property management systems in powerful ways that no other provider offers. We put insurance coverage in your control at the click of a button for when you need it.

  • Accidental medical insurance for your guests, property damage insurance for your property and contents, and theft insurance for stolen items
  • Insurance is automatically attached to every reservation
  • Primary coverage – submit claims with us first
  • Blanket cover all your properties with one policy
  • Reduce your risk associated with your vacation rental property
  • Protect your property, protect your guests

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